Denarius is a new cryptocurrency based off the original Bitcoin Core by Satoshi Nakamoto. Denarius features many changes, such as Stealth Addresses, Encrypted Messaging, Tribus a new PoW hashing algorithm that is ASIC resistant, and a max of 10,000,000 DNR to be created during the hybrid PoW/PoS lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake entirely after the first 3 years.
Price $0.182042
24h Change -11.32%
Market Cap $1,386,315
Volume 24h $2
Masternode Collateral Nodes ROI Mn Price
Denarius [D] 5,000 ? ? $910
Hosting Provider Type Hosted Price p/m
Exchange Volume Price
SouthXchange [D/BTC] $2 $0.1817
SouthXchange [D/USD] $0 $0.1839

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