Bitcoin 2 is a scalable Bitcoin fork that supports private transactions through the Zerocoin protocol and nearly instantly verified payments by Masternodes. Bitcoin 2 uses a Proof of Stake system that allows anyone even running a basic laptop to get block rewards while contributing to running the blockchain.
Price $0.739918
24h Change -9.37%
Market Cap $13,284,771
Volume 24h $1,112
Masternode Collateral Nodes ROI Mn Price
Bitcoin 2 [BTC2] 1,000 ? ? $730
Hosting Provider Type Hosted Price p/m
Flitsnode Shared VPS 8 $1.99
Gentarium Shared VPS 0 $3.99
Exchange Volume Price
StakeCube Exchange [BTC2/BTC] $1,101 $0.7393
CREX24 [BTC2/BTC] $10 $0.7281
Birake [BTC2/BTC] $0 $0.7565
StakeCube Exchange [BTC2/USDT] $0 $0.3208

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